What is the difference between car charger and car USB? Cut off in time after parking


Now, the car charger is the most indispensable accessory in the car. The car charger allows us to charge mobile phones or other electronic products in the car, without worrying about the embarrassment of losing power when going out. At the same time, it is also very convenient. As the saying goes, "small size, big function", can the car charger be universal? When using the car charger, you must pay attention. If you find any abnormality, you must deal with it in a timely manner, otherwise it is easy to cause some potential safety hazards.

The car charger can enable the mobile phone and other electronic products to charge and continue to use. The car charger can convert the current required by our mobile phone through the car battery, and its use range is also very wide. The mobile phone, tablet, GPS, etc. we usually use can be charged through the car charger, providing us with great convenience and speed.

Features of on-board charger

1. Multifunction

Although the car charger looks like a small thing, it can charge our daily electronic products, and it also has a conversion plug, which can basically meet the needs of many things. If we do not have a charger plug, we only need a data cable, which can be used flexibly. The car charger has two USB conversion sockets.

2. Easy to carry

The car charger is small and can hardly be seen when it is inserted into the cigarette lighter. It doesn't take up space on the car. It should be put in the storage box of the car.

3. Beautiful market

The car charger we use not only allows us to charge when there is no power, but also allows us to play a finishing role in the interior. The shell is made of ABS flame retardant environmental protection materials, which can prevent external combustion and look beautiful without leaving fingerprints.

Precautions for use of on-board charger

1. Unplug the charger after flameout: The car charger uses the power of the car battery. If you do not unplug the car charger in time after flameout, it will consume a certain amount of car battery power. Of course, maintenance is very important. Proper maintenance has a long life, especially for electronic products.

2. Attention should be paid to the current problem: many car users often have a mistake when using the car charger. The current output from the car charger should not be greater than the maximum power of the mobile phone. In fact, the charging current of the car charger can be either large or small, because there are many conversion plugs of the car charger, so we can make a reasonable choice when using it.

3. The USB interface problem of the car charger: Many car friends think that when there are more USB interfaces, charging may be slow. In fact, they are irrelevant, which is called intelligent identification. They can be used safely when charging.

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