Will the car battery be damaged if the car charger has been plugged into the cigarette lighter?


Now there are more and more auto parts, and car chargers are common auto parts. Will it be harmful to the car battery if we keep the car charger plugged into the cigarette lighter? The answer is that there is no harm under normal ignition, but it will be a little bit more or less if it is used after the flame is turned off.


The 12V cigarette lighter interface reserved by the car can be used normally for a long time. The car charger or docking station that uses the transformer does not consume power. Even if some products have small LED bulbs, it will not affect it. This small lamp bead is generally 0.06 w Power consumption can be said to be minimal.

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Therefore, even if the car charger is always plugged in when the flame is turned off, there will be no effect, and the cigarette lighter is not always charged. After the vehicle is removed, the power will be automatically cut off and will not affect the battery; but after the flame is turned off and the battery is not powered Using a car charger will damage the battery, especially some batteries that use high-power on-board electrical appliances with a small ampere number. This kind of matching does not take long. The battery will easily lose electricity and cause the car to fail to start normally. And every time after the loss of electricity, the battery will be paralleled It hurts a lot.


If we use the car charger while driving, there is no problem, because after we start the vehicle, the power supply is directly supplied by the generator and has nothing to do with the battery; if the battery loses electricity, the generator efficiency increases and synchronization will charge the car’s battery. After full power, only some electrical appliances in the car will not hurt the car, and fuel consumption will hardly increase.

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