What will happen if the car charger is left unplugged for several months?


Everyone is familiar with car chargers. Now, as soon as you get in the car, you will first check whether there is a car charger in the car-to charge your mobile phone. Many car owners seldom unplug their car charger in order to charge the mobile phone more quickly and conveniently. Later, there is a problem that has been causing serious problems for car owners: Can the car charger be plugged into the cigarette lighter? What effect will it have if you don't pull out for a few months?

 car charger

1. When the car key is turned off, the cigarette lighter is out of power, that is, the power is cut off;


2. The car charger uses a series switching regulated power supply. When not in use, its circuit automatically stops working, so it will not affect the operation of the circuit;


3. The quiescent current of the circuit is about 1-2mA, which will not cause any influence on the circuit. Therefore, the car charger can always be plugged into the cigarette lighter, which will not harm the circuit, and it will not affect the circuit if it is not unplugged for several months.


But here is a little advice for everyone: as an electronic product, maintenance is also very important. It is recommended that car owners unplug it when they are not using the car charger, so that the car charger will last longer.

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