Several major misunderstandings of driving with car chargers(1)


In fact, there are many kinds of devices around us, especially mobile phones, which are also very important in daily life. Therefore, if there are people who drive, they will charge the mobile phone. There is a USB port in the car, but there are some major problems in driving. The misunderstanding is that many people can't think of it, and only now know it after driving for a few years.
car chargers
Charge directly with the USB port of the car. All car owners will directly plug the data cable into the USB port in the car to start charging. In this case, the charging is particularly slow. It takes only half a day to charge 1% of the electricity. This is also the USB in most cars. The port is only set up for the transmission of audio data, so the current of their interface is only 5V/0.5A, and a car charger is needed at this time.

It does not matter if the charging current is small. When many people buy car chargers, they have heard that the output current of the car charger cannot be said to be greater than the maximum rated input current of the mobile phone. In fact, this strange statement is wrong.
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