How to choose a car charger?


In today’s mobile Internet era, I believe that many people will habitually find car chargers (car chargers for short) to charge their mobile phones whether they are driving or in the car. Mobile phone navigation in the car is the most common thing. However, the mobile phone consumes a lot of power when navigating. How to choose a car charger? Hong Kong Ing Ideal Electronic Co., Ltd. can give you some useful opinions to share with you.

1. There is a self-equipped USB charging port in the car. Is it necessary to buy a car charger?

Most of the USB ports in the car are set up for audio data transmission. Therefore, the interface current of most vehicles is only 5V/ 0.5A. The current is very small. If the current does not meet the standard, the device will be damaged, so the car It is necessary to purchase another car charger.

2. "Can the charging current be large or small"?

In other words, the current output of the car charger cannot be greater than the maximum rated input power of the mobile phone. After understanding the following examples, you will instantly understand that it is important to buy a high-quality car charger. Yuan's mobile phone can't be paid.

3. After charging with USB, the battery does not increase but decrease?

Most of the in-car usb ports are designed to transmit data. When navigating with a mobile phone in the car, although the mobile phone shows that it is charging, the current is only about 0.5A, and the power consumption in the same time is actually greater than the power during charging. , So there will be a situation of not rising but falling. If the current is not up to the standard, it will damage

Mobile phone, so it is necessary to buy a car charger. However, car owners should pay attention to the following points when purchasing a car charger: Choose a car charger with over-temperature, over-current, short-circuit, over-voltage, overload and other protections. These major protections can not only protect the safety of the mobile phone, but also protect the car's circuit. Safe; secondly, choose a car charger with an output current of 2A or more.

4. Will the car charger be affected at the moment of starting the vehicle?

The current general vehicle will power off the cigarette lighter due to self-protection at the moment of starting, so even if the device is plugged into the charger, it will not affect the on-board charging as long as the regulator in the car is operating normally. The use of the device (car charger).

For example: The output of the car charger is 5v/2.1A, and the maximum rated input power of a mobile phone is 5V/1A. Then the car charger inputs 1A to the mobile phone. If the input to another device (tablet) is 2A, It can be fully charged in a shorter time, but if a car charger with an output current of 5V/0.5A is charging the same mobile phone, the input is 0.5A, which is not only slow, but also severely hot. Cause certain damage to the phone.

Five, support fast charging mobile phones need to have a car charger that supports fast charging

Many mobile phones on the market now support fast charging. If the device supports fast charging, then a car charger that supports fast charging is needed to charge it. The fast charging technology generally increases the current while the voltage/current remains the same. / Voltage to achieve, so the charging time will be greatly shortened.

6. Is it normal for the charger/mobile phone to heat up during charging?

When using a car charger, the transformer inside the charger will convert part of the electric energy into heat. It is normal for the charger or the mobile phone to generate heat during the charging process, but be careful if the temperature has reached a hot level. Need to consider whether it is a charger quality problem.

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