When Starting the Vehicle, the Car Charge will not be Affected?


When the instant car will be influenced by the instant car of the vehicle?

At present, the general vehicle is started in the moment due to self-protection to power off the cigarette lighter, so even if the device is inserted, there will be no effect on the charger, as long as the regulator in the car is running normally, it will not affect the vehicle charging. The use of (car charger).

Example: The output of the car is 5V / 2.1A, gives a mobile phone maximum rated input power to charge, then the car will enter the phone to input 1A, if another device (tablet) is entered 2A, It can be charged in a shorter time, but if it is a car that is 5V / 0.5A, it will give the same one mobile phone charging. It is 0.5A, but also the time slow, it will be severely hot, long time will There must be a certain damage to the phone.
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