Multi-port USB Car Charger


With more and more electronic products, smart phone transmission data is getting bigger and bigger, and life is a big problem for smartphones - can charge mobile phones anytime, anywhere, and charging treasure in the bag, there is a USB car charger in the car. There is a multi-port USB car charger, no need to worry about the battery life, and I will introduce you to the multi-port USB car charger.

Double USB car charger, double-port USB flame retardant material housing, intelligent protective chip, small design is small, stylish, high color value, using flame retardant material housing, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant high temperature, low temperature, no cracking, environmental protection and durability , Black, silver, rose gold and other colors optional; using dual USB interface design, charging fast intelligent shunt, double output while meeting charging requirements of different devices. With multiple intelligent protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, protective power equipment security, so that you can charge worry-free, Shounanxin car charger is safe and practical.
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