Car Charger TYPE-C


As the Type-C interface is getting worse, most smartphones, panels and other electronic products are Type-C interface, then how is the Type-C interface trend in the car charger? Will you get more and more popular? The answer is affirmative, because the Type-C interface application has widely determined the use of many electronic products in people's lives, and the car charger is no exception.
Advantages of the Type-C interface of the car charger:

1. The volume of the TTYPE-C interface is much smaller than the current USB-A interface, and the vehicle charger uses the Type-C interface looks better and exquisite.

2. The vehicle charger TYPE-C data is fast, up to 10Gbps, charges the electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets.

3. Car charger TYPE-C does not divide the front, both sides can be used, is the blind plug that everyone said, how to insert how to insert it.

4.Type-C interface can transmit audio and video signals, HDMI, DVI, VGA and other audio and video outputs can be expanded, it is said to reach a 4K resolution extension

5. The Type-C interface has a special advantage (can be bidirectional power), which can supply the device itself to the external device.

Summary: It can be found in the above point of the TYPE-C interface to be more and more widely used in electronic products such as smartphones, tablets. In order to meet these electronic products to charge, the vehicle charger Type-C interface will become more popular.
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