What should I pay attention to when selecting the air outlet and the mobile phone holder?


Before selecting the mobile phone holder, pay attention to the blade shape of the exhaust port of your car and whether the center console is flat. Because the car phone bracket installed at the air outlet is only applicable to parallel blades, if your car is a cylinder outlet and a divergent blade, it is not suitable to use this type of car phone bracket.

Installation method of vehicle mobile phone bracket at air outlet

1. Place the nut cover on the ball joint.

2、2。 Put the ball head into the round groove of the bracket and tighten the nut to the mobile phone bracket.

3、3。 Press the thumb on the clamp body, press the expansion switch on the middle finger of the index finger, let the bracket clamp body clamp the blade, fix the hook, and make it appear triangle stable state.

4. Put in the mobile phone, press and hold the telescopic button, push it upward, extend the bracket to the appropriate height, and put in the mobile phone.

5. Fasten the mobile phone, hold the shelf under the bracket with one hand and hold the shelf above with the other hand, and press firmly until the mobile phone is clamped.

6. Remove the mobile phone. When you remove it, just touch the top of the stand with your thumb, and the other four fingers will easily catch the phone. Note: place the phone twice, just press the top of the bracket with four fingers, and then gently put the phone into the bracket with your thWhat should I pay attention to when selecting the air outlet and the mobile phone holder?
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