How to use USB Car Charger correctly? Old drivers may not know!


In this era of information crossflow, mobile phones are indispensable or even inseparable from everyone's hands. In daily life, such as shopping, photographing, eating, and payment, mobile phones are indispensable. Then, USB Car Charger came into being. USB car charger can charge mobile phones anytime and anywhere in the car. So how to correctly make USB Car Charger?

The difference between USB Car Charger and common charger: the plug of USB car charger is cigarette lighter type, which is generally available in the cab and luggage compartment. When you plug in the USB Car Charger, you must plug it to the end to hear the click sound. Then connect the other end to the mobile phone or other digital product equipment to be charged, and configure the corresponding data cable according to different electronic products. The difference between them mainly lies in the plug.

Misunderstanding of USB Car Charger:

1. The USB in the car directly charges the USB: many cars have their own USB interface, and some have more than one interface. However, these USB interfaces are not used to charge the mobile phone, but are configured for audio data transmission. Because the interface current of most vehicles in the car is very small, only 5V / 0.5A. If the USB interface in the car is used to charge the mobile phone, the equipment will be damaged if the current does not meet the standard, Xiao Bian suggested that the car owner buy a USB Car Charger separately.

2. The more USB interfaces, the slower the charging speed: the current depends on the voltage, not on several USB interfaces. Because the current is intelligently recognized and does not interfere with each other, some manufacturers design multiple USB interfaces mainly to meet the needs of charging multiple mobile phones on the vehicle at the same time.

3. Be sure to unplug the USB Car Charger after the engine is turned off: Generally speaking, the car will automatically power off when the engine is turned off, so do you want to unplug the USB car charger when the engine is turned off? The small editor of shounuoxin suggests that it is best to unplug it. Although the loss of a certain amount of battery power can be ignored if it is not unplugged, it is also very important for the maintenance of electronic products. If it is properly maintained, the service life will be extended.

How to choose and use USB Car Charger correctly?

1. Clear the output voltage of the automobile cigarette lighter: most general-purpose car chargers (12V) are applicable to cars. If it is other models, it is necessary to select the corresponding voltage standard. Now, the general USB car charger is 12v-24v standard, which is applicable to all models. In a word, it is most important to select the appropriate one.

2. Whether the USB car charger has automatic protection function: if the USB car charger has the protection functions of overvoltage, overcurrent, overload and short circuit, it can be safely purchased and used.
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