Importance of selecting charger for vehicle mounted USB mobile phone


There are not many things that burn out the mobile phone when charging the mobile phone with the car charger. Many car owners believe that charging with USB has less voltage and current. There should be no problem charging the mobile phone. They just buy a cheap one. When the mobile phone is burned out, they really regret it! The car charger will burn the mobile phone. Don't care!

The car charging prices on the market are uneven. Some car owners buy cheap car chargers, and then complain that the car charging is not easy to use, and even the mobile phone is burned out.

In the case of power consumption, we should first consider the safety of power consumption, and then the function and price.

The principle of the car charger is to charge the mobile phone after reducing the 12V voltage of the car's cigarette lighter to 5V. The cheap car charging has many defects in the circuit due to price restrictions, and the protection function of the circuit is almost absent. If the step-down and current limiting circuit fails, 12V will directly enter the mobile phone. Can the mobile phone not be broken?

Some on-board chargers are equipped with fuses, which are fuse tubes that need to be replaced once burned out. It is inconvenient to replace them. The built-in self-healing patch fuse of oshur on-board charger automatically cuts off the circuit when the voltage and current are too large. After a period of time, it will be automatically restored and reused to prevent the mobile phone from being burned out due to unstable voltage and current during driving.
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