How to choose car charger


The car charger seems to be just an inconspicuous little item in the car, but you will know how important it is when you really need it. There are many types of car chargers on the market now, and how to buy them is also a science.


Due to the different focus of the charger technology, the chargers equipped on different vehicles have some obvious differences. The selection should be based on the actual situation of the vehicle, so that the service life of the charger is not lost while ensuring safety.


1. The voltage of the cigarette lighter on the car: the cigarette lighter is generally shared with the charger. Usually the input voltage of the car is 12V and 24V. The two cannot be mixed, otherwise it will cause the circuit to overload.


The voltage of a general family car is 12V, and most cigarette lighters are suitable. You can read the instructions carefully when choosing, or you can ask professionals.


2. USB output current: There are three types of USB output currents: 1A, 2A, and 3A. Different electronic devices have their own dedicated current values. Mixing with each other can easily damage the device.


When selecting, you must first clarify the output current value on the device. If there is no mark, you must ask clearly to avoid affecting the life of the charger.


3. Safety protection function: safety is always the first, so you must know whether it is safe enough when choosing. Input voltage, output voltage and current are the first things we should pay attention to when choosing, and secondly, we must understand whether the materials used are insulated.


4. Number of USB ports and additional functions: Car charger ports can now be divided into three categories, single-hole, double-hole and multi-hole. When choosing, you can decide according to your actual needs. Most of them have additional functions to meet our different needs.

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