The car charger also needs maintenance


Car chargers are generally powered by car batteries, among which cars are 12V and trucks are 24V, which are widely used in the field of lithium battery charging for various portable and handheld devices.


Car chargers must not only consider the actual needs of lithium batteries, but also take into account the efficiency of the car battery in harsh environments. Therefore, the charger power management IC needs to be equipped with a high-voltage, high-efficiency, high-reliability, and low-frequency chip. The straightforward statement is "stable and resistant to manufacturing".


The operation of daily maintenance is relatively simple, just follow the included instructions.


If there is abnormal condition or damage, it can be repaired by professionals. For daily use, you only need to pay attention to stains such as oil and sweat, and avoid touching the connection point of the car charger.


Since the voltage provided by the car is low, most of the chargers equipped with overload protection circuits are sufficient, but they can only be charged when the car engine is started!

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