The working principle of the car wireless charger


Electromagnetic induction of the car wireless charger
This is the most common working mode of wireless charger. It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate current through electromagnetic induction between primary and secondary coils, so as to realize the transmission of energy in space; The implementation of this wireless charger has been promoted by the wireless charging alliance.

Radio waves(car wireless charger)
Radio wave is a mature wireless charging mode of wireless charger at this stage. Its working principle is to use a micro efficient receiving circuit to capture radio waves in space, and then convert electromagnetic energy into stable electric energy. At present, some companies have claimed that they can wirelessly charge electronic devices smaller than cellular phones a few meters away.

Electromagnetic resonance(car wireless charger)
This is a wireless charging technology still in the research and development stage. This technology is mainly studied by a team led by a physics professor at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. Based on this technology, Intel engineers have lit a 60 watt bulb about 1 meter away from the power supply, with 75% transmission efficiency. Intel engineers said the next goal would be to use this wireless charging technology to charge modified laptops. However, in order to achieve this goal, we also need to solve the interference and influence of electromagnetic field on other components in the computer.
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