USB Car Charger Design


The mobile phone power is just needed. The phone is not electricity. It is really no love. Unprecedented loneliness, saying is not exaggerated, everyone goes out, as long as a mobile phone can solve all payments, self-driving tour is no exception, car As long as there is a USB car charger at all, don't worry about the trouble of mobile phone, just a USB car charger, solve the charging needs of the whole car.

All metal high-quality appearance, hidden design, small mini USB car charger, small and less highlighted hidden cover, no vertex cigarette lid is placed in the car, it will not take up space to carry more convenient. Metal material is more comfortable, the surface is solid color highlighting stylish style, further highlights high-end quality, dual USB output intelligent charging, advanced current management solution intelligently detects different USB ports, smart match charging current fast charging, suitable for most Model, and better compatibility, can charge a variety of different electronic devices, avoiding a variety of USB car chargers, while also having dual USB output design, can simultaneously meet the charging requirements of two different devices .
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