USB car charger's body is metal material


The fuselage of the USB car charger is metal, corrosion, hardness, rugged, and its body surface is electroplated, reinforcing metal texture, not easy to oxidize. The built-in atmosphere light is more convenient, light is blue soft and non-interfered, the night is convenient to find; the buckle head design, the non-slip shrapnel, effectively lock the cigarette lighter, prevent the road bumps from contacting the contact, making the charging more reliable, It is completely hidden after installation, and it is perfectly integrated with your car. Widely compatible: mobile phone / tablet / driving recorder and other 12 / 24V models.

This USB car charger high-quality metal appearance, small mini and secure, after many strict safety tests, full-scale, overcurrent, overload, overvoltage, short circuit, etc., all-round prevention of your car Damage, old drivers can start!

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